Ease of browsing

Normal Desktop site
  • Difficult to navigate on mobile devices
  • Hard to read and needs zooming
  • Slow loading of content
  • Difficult to find information

Attractive pictures and easy to read content create positive emotions for decision making, enhancing customers’ purchase experience!
Smart site
  • Quick page load
  • Optimized to fit any screen
  • Friendly interface and easy to use
  • Instant CALL button function

Tracking your mobile traffic

Your customers can quickly and easily browse through the SRS powered mobile website by clicking on category buttons
  • Well-organized and easy to navigate SRS platform
  • Clear descriptions and beautiful photos to allow your customers to explore your offering
  • Click to Call is specially designed to have quick contact to specific departments
  • All buttons can be analysed end of month in order to better understand customer preferences

Access to your business info made easy

Location! Sales materials! Contacts! Opening times!

Allow your customers to seemlessly send requests while on the move by using their Smartphones

Compact version of your website which is accessible by smartphones and tablets

  • Smartsite opens automatically if websiteis accessed from mobile devices
  • Smartsite works parallelly with your full website
  • The build-up is simple, logical and easy to navigate with your thumb
  • Allows to present the most important and relevant information about your hotel for your customers
  • Perfect marketing tool to promote your offering, special offers, contacts and location by using QR code
  • Analysis of clicks to understand clients’ emotional behavior
  • Enhanced booking experience for Smartphone users

Incorporation of QR code – the endless marketing tool!

QR code as marketing tool!

  • QR code link to read special offers
  • Directing your clients with QR code to special campaign sites
  • QR code multimedia possibilities – videos, pictures, games

Get started with Smartastic!

In order to make you a free screen shot of your mobile webpage, all we need to get started from you is:

  • Your current website information
  • Good quality pictures chosen by you
  • logo in vector graphics, fonts and color book
Contact us now for free consultation!